The main objective of socially useful productive work and life skills curriculum is to “Educate children for life through life”. In our school SUPW and other activities have an important place in the curriculum. In other words SUPW has its ramification in other subjects and in order to perform the work intelligently, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of such related knowledge.

SUPW has the status of a full – fledged subject for the awards of certificates at the end of class X and XII. Fifteen percent of the working time is to be spent for socially useful productive work. It amounts to about 150 hours a year. Half of the total time for SUPW is given to common activities and the other half is given to community service.

SUPW is compulsory activity in class IV to VIII.

SUPW Programme is our school comprises of:

  1. Community service outside the school in
    • village adopted by the school
    • mentally challenged school
    • deaf and dumb school

  3. Activities in the school are :

- Life skills: work practice in the production of goods and services

- Organizing festivals

- Running school canteen

- Adult Literacy

- Maintenance of Bulletin Board

- Decoration of school on special occasions

- Management of functions celebrations and exhibitions


Life skills may be described as purposeful, meaningful, manual work resulting in either goods or services which are useful to the community in our school.

Life skills training is an integral part of general education.The training programme is so designed as to involve regular and universal participation of the children throughout the year.

In our school, such programmes take the form of projects in activity classes from IV to XII classes and the main subject in Board classes X and XII.

Activities to give work experiences to our children are classified into the following groups:



a)Hindustani vocal and instrumental

b)Western vocal and instrumental


a) Folk

b) Kathak

b) Kathak



Home Science



Literary activities – Hindi and English



Creative Writing

Nature Club

Art, Craft, Pottery and Needlework

Specialized teachers are teaching these activities. The professional status of the teachers is the same as that of other teachers.

The main objective of these life skills training programme is to prepare pupils to practice and perform manual work individually and collectively. Secondly, it inculcates a positive attitude of teamwork and socially desirable values like self reliance, dignity of labours tolerance, cooperation, sympathy and helpfulness.

Pupils are trained, observed and evaluated and grades are given on the basis of their work and effort. These grades are reflected in the Half Yearly and Final Examination reports.


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This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles