School Policies

  1. There are no local guardians for girls but parents are requested to mention the name and address of a close relative/responsible person who could be contacted in case of an emergency.
  2. No cash, tuck or valuables are allowed in school. This is a rule which must be strictly adhered to. Any lapse is immediately punishable by forfeiture of the outing for the month. Valuables will not be the responsibility of the school .Any balance of journey money should be handed over immediately (at the beginning of the term) to the Housemistress to be returned to the girl at the end of the term.
  3. No cellphones are permitted in school and any girl caught with this will be asked to leave. Any girl found to be making a call from a parent’s mobile will have to forfeit her outing.

    Uniform must be adhered to strictly.

    (a.) All ribbons, bandeax, ponytail bands must be black.
    (b.)In winter girls may if they wish, wear extra clothing under their uniforms. Any item of improper uniform will be confiscated for the rest of the term. Winter: Grey slack & Blazer Spring: Grey skirts & Blouse, Kameez for class VIII upwards.
    (c) On working days the following minimal jewellery is permitted.
    (i) Small studs in the ears to be worn in the ear-lobes only. No ear-rings , ‘balis’ or dangling ear-rings whatsoever.
    (ii) A single thin Kara for Sikh girls only.
    (iii ) No gold chain, if a stone to be worn for religious reasons, a girl must string it on a strong black thread and wear it under her uniform.
    (iv) No nose-rings or finger-rings or bangles whatsoever
    Any lapse will be punishable by confiscation of that item for the rest of term.
    (v) Girls must plait their hair or wear it in a ponytail. No perming, dyeing, coloring is permitted.
    (d) On Sunday and holidays, home clothes and costume jewellery may be worn, provided the girl is not going out.
    Note: Any girl going out must be in correct uniform.
    (a.) All girls must dress in traditional Indian dress for the End-of-Term Function. No western dresses are permitted for this function.
    (b.)Girls are allowed to bring not more than two or three sets of Home Clothes for use on Sunday and holidays. These must be Indian for Classes VIII upwards and care must be taken to see that they are not designer clothes or expensive. No undue ostentation is encouraged in School.

    Girls are not allowed to leave the campus without an escort. Any girl doing so will be deemed to have broken bounds and may be suspended or even expelled.

    (a.)Only visitors who are close relatives and have been authorized by parents ( in writing), are allowed to meet them wards on the last Sunday of the month and on holidays mentioned on the school calendar. A telephonic message will not be accepted. Visitors are not permitted on any other day whatsoever. Visitors are requested not to linger beyond stipulated time thereby making it necessary for staff on duty to have to request them to leave.
    (b.)Visitors are requested to meet the House Mistress before meeting their wards. No Visitors are allowed to meet any girl without the permission of her house mistress.
    Visiting Hours: 11.00 A.M. to 12.30 P.M. 4.30 P.M. To 6.30 P.M.
    (c) Sisters may meet their brothers studying in Mayo College between 11.A.M and 12.00. noon on the second and the last Sunday of the month and on the holidays mentioned on the school calendar. The brothers will come over the Girl’s School for the purpose.
  7. OUTINGS :

    Girls are permitted a day outing on

    (i) The second Sunday in the month and
    (ii) On holidays mentioned on the School Calendar.
    Timings: 11.00.A.M. to 7.00.P.M.
    (a.) Parents, Grand parents close relatives authorized by parents in writing who wish to take their wards out, are required to inform the House Mistress by letter at least 24 hours in advance.


    (a.)Parents/Grand Parents or close relatives (immediate family) authorized by parents in writing must always come in person to collect their wards from school and bring them back at the end of an outing. If they are unable to do so, they must send a letter of authority with a responsible person to collect/leave the girl. Failure to do this will result in the girl not being allowed to leave the school.
    (i) The principal reserves the right to withhold permission for an outing with any person, even though authorized by the parents, if she feels necessary to do so in the interests of the girl/or School.
    (ii) Close relatives would mean the immediate family, grand parents and real aunts uncle and first cousins.
    (iii)Parents and grand parents are requested to ensure that girls do not move about town unescorted on outing days.
    (iv) Minor/ School going brothers or sisters will not be allowed to take the girls out.
    (v)Two Night outings in a term are permitted only with parents or grand parents.
    Timings – 6.00 P.M. to 6.30.A.M. next day
    Girls returning late will forfeit all the outings for the following month.
    (vi) Saturdays are full working days. However, a girl going out for a night outing will be permitted to leave only after 1.30 P.M. and provided her presence is not required for a school event or an extra class.
  8. LEAVE
    (a.) Leave during the term is sanctioned for not more than 3-4 days only for the following reasons:
    (i) Marriage of real brothers and sisters/real aunts uncles/ first cousins. It is essential to attach the invitation card with the application forwarded to the Principal for leave prior to the date.
    (ii) Orthodontic treatment/routine medical check-up not more than once in a term.
    (iii)A medical check-up referred by the School Doctor.
  9. Students are expected to abide by all school Rules regulations befitting manner. The Principal can, at any time, in the interests of the school, have the student removed if, in the Principal’s sole discretion, the student has failed to accept the discipline of the school and if her continued presence is detrimental to the interests of the other students or the student fails to come up to the academic standard of her Class when detention in the same class would make the student too old for her class. Undue extension of leave will earn negative marks for her House.
  10. TELEPHONES : Girls may not ring up but are permitted to receive a call once a fortnight only from parents or grandparents as per the schedule given below.
    Class X, XI XII
    1st & 3rd Sunday Sundays of every month plus holidays mentioned in the School Calendar.
    Saturdays 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m.
    Sundays 10.00 p.m. to 1.00 p.m. (Morning)
    Holidays 8.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. (Evening)
    Class VI, VII, VIII & IX
    2nd and 4th Saturdays and Sundays of every month plus holidays mentioned on School Calendar.
    Timings Saturday
    8.00 p.m. to 10.00p.m.
    Sunday s 10.00p.m. to 1.00p.m. (Morning)
    8.00p. to 10.00p.m. (Evening)
    Holding House IV, V
    2ND& 4TH Saturdays Sundays of every month plus holidays mentioned on the School Calendar.
    Timings Saturday
    8.00 p.m. to 10.00p.m. Sunday s
    10.00p.m. to 1.00p.m. (Morning)
    Holidays 8.00p. to 10.00p.m. (Evening)
    (a.) This facility is provided only to Parents or Grand Parents not to Friend Relatives only one call may be received.
    (b.) Parents living abroad may ring up their wards on Fridays between 8.00 p.m. to 10.00p.m.
    (c.) Please restrict your conversation to 2-3 minutes so that other parents can also get a chance of calling up their children. Any girl may receive only one call in a fortnight.
    (d.)Kindly strictly adhere to Days &Timings indicated above.



This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles