Career Counseling

The career counseling cell has an enormous responsibility of sensitizing our budding career women about the whole world of career opportunities available to them by providing them vital information on global competitiveness and hence giving them knowledge on the possible roles in this world of global opportunities and fast paced changes in a globalized world.

  • Help and motivate each and every individual to choose appropriate colleges, Universities and institutions for higher studies in India and abroad.
  • Continuously provide the update and latest information to students on education and career. Trends as per the international scenario.
  • Counsel and guide the students, thus making them realize their academic orientation, finally leading to the individual student selection of subjects of choice.
  • Tracking the dateline, of various entrance exams, admissions schedule/ notifications of colleges and Universities of national and international level and dissemination of the necessary information to the student community at the earliest.
  • Guide and monitor it student admission procedure like application process for national and international Universities and coordinate between parents and subject teachers for the valued letter of recommendations.
  • Work towards expanding the horizon of the student community by conducting seminars and workshops on various careers. Eminent persons from varied fields are invited for talks and holding workshops.

Following are the various workshops and programmes conducted in our school for students to provide them insights into the trending careers worldwide:

  • Career counseling workshops conducted by ICS Lucknow( this is an annual feature where the needs and requirements of an individual student is assessed and analyzed, thus helping them to take that big step forward in academics in particular in life in general).
  •  Mr. Shiv Dhewan’s “One Step Up” ( also organized annually).
  • Lateral Thinking workshop by Mr. Pradeep Upadhyay which gives us valuable advice about how to tackle life when we are at our lowest and how to turn negativity into positivity.
  • Tour of  various American Universities
  • Workshops by prestigious Universities such as Raffles; LaSalle; New York University, Abu Dhabi and St. Andrew’s University to name a few.

These workshops help students to inculcate within them:

  • Value of the community
  • Value of perseverance
  • Value of experience
  • Value of toil
  • Value of adversity
  • Value of aspiration
  • Value of success


This School provides a unique opportunity for all round education. It has the security of the rich Mayo tradition and an ethos conducive to developing each child's potential to the fulles